Sandy Damm on Why Globalisation is for All Business Sizes

The Private Equity Podcast has invited Sandy Damm, who published a new book called SME Globalisation that details how and why businesses can benefit from going international.

What You’ll Learn:
– Why globalisation is for all business sizes
– Implementation of a globalisation strategy
– Cost efficient international operations

[00:45] Getting to know Sandy Damm
[01:56] Common mistake by PE firms and portfolio companies
[03:21] Why Sandy wrote SME Globalisation
[04:30] Drawbacks of being too risk averse
[07:48] How to go global
[11:48] Adding value in a cost-efficient way
[13:55] Notable attributes of a top-performer in sales
[15:54] Private equity: the good and the bad
[17:29] Sandy’s advice to his 20-year-old self
[19:05] Sandy’s learning resources

Thank you for tuning in!

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