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Sandy Damm is a long-time AMBA member but, also excitingly, a new author. Sandy’s first book entitled, SME Globalisation, dispels the belief that going global is only for large well-established organisations. In this podcast Sandy takes us through some of the steps SME’s can take to expand on a global scale, while considering ethics and different cultures. He discusses some of the unique challenges that small organisations might face when going global and how to overcome them. Sandy also shares his experiences of being an AMBA member.

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NLC ZOOM TALK – Sandy Damm on SME Globalisation

The NLC Business Forum invited author, Sandy Damm to speak about his latest book, SME globalisation – how to maximise your company value in a cost efficient way.

Sandy’s latest book details his experiences in managing a global company and the lessons he has learned. He launched the book at this event, and asked those attending: Are you an owner or CEO of a company, or the holder of any P&L responsibilities? Do you believe globalisation only benefits large multinationals? and other important questions.

If this is something you want to find out more about, then his book demonstrates, step by step, how you can ride the wave and multiply your company value.

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